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Wedding Plandroid – An Introduction

18 Oct

Early in 2011 I decided to try my hand at Android development.

I initially planned to create some sort of cookbook/recipe app with a friend of mine, who then mentioned that she wish she had a wedding planner app. At the time she had just bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab and was busy helping a friend plan a wedding.

This reminded me of how my wife and I had a tough time planning and keeping track of all things wedding related. DIY weddings aren’t the easiest things in the world to do. So I though that a wedding planning app would actually be great and I thought there was some good value in it.

I scoured the Market Place and found only a few apps doing this and though that there was room for a similar app. So I got down learning Android development and my wife helped out with the content. Having done most of our wedding planning, I couldn’t think of a better source for help. Also, she was free.

4 Months later (I’m only a part-time developer) the app was finished and ready to go, but then I found the  Google Africa Developer Challenge and decided to enter . So it took a while and eventually the app made it’s way to the finalist round where it ended up getting an honorable mention. If you’re interested, you can find more info about that event here.

And so I finally got around to launching the app on 18 August 2011. Since then the app has had over 10 000 downloads –  about 9000 more than I expected! A very big thank you to all the users who have downloaded, rated and commented on the app!

After the Google competition, I had the pleasure of meeting with some wonderful people who gave me some great ideas on how to expand and improve on the app. So there are a lot of updates coming in the future.

I truly hope you enjoy the application and please feel free to comment and help make Wedding Plandroid the best wedding planning application on Android!

And more than anything, good luck with planning your wedding!