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Two major updates planned for 2012

16 Jan

So as promised, I worked through all the user’s e-mails and suggestions.

Again, I have to thank everyone who took the time to provide useful feedback.  I created a list of all updates that I believe are feasible and would provide value to users.

One recurring request is that of data syncing. Now this is a great idea and one that I wish to have included from the start. It’s also one that I’ve been struggling with from the inception of Wedding Plandroid. While that is the most requested feature, I probably will bench it to later this year. There are several ways to implement it but I still require some time (and possible better infrastructure) to implement it. User feedback on this would be great and very much appreciated.

So the title of this post indicates that I’ll actually announce what I’ll be doing and not just what I’m putting aside for now.  The first update I’d like to make would be to include a Wedding Plandroid countdown widget. I’ve always loved widgets on Android and there should be no reason for users to download a separate one. I’m starting on it this week and I hope it won’t take to long to get out the development door.

The next major update would be to finally make the app Honeycomb compatible. It really is a shame that it doesn’t simply work on Honeycomb tablets and something I didn’t really know with my first release of the app. I want as many people as possible to use this app and tablets make up a big percentage of Android users. So for you tablet users out there, please hang in there, your time will come!

I’m also considering doing a series of  “Did you know?”  posts on this blog. I find that many users miss out on some of the features and functionality of Wedding Plandroid, simply because they don’t know about them. So expect to see a few of those in the coming weeks.

As always, thanks for using my app and stay tuned for more!

Disclaimer: Please note that I’m not a full time Android developer. I work on this app in my spare time when my family, work or gaming/football addiction allow for it. I always try to make time for app improvements, but I can’t guarantee any set  dates for these updates. So please be patient for future releases.


Where to from here?

11 Jan


2011 has been a great year for Wedding Plandroid. I can’t believe 2012 is already up and running!

I took a much needed break over December and that’s mostly why this site has been so quiet. I did manage to do a couple of quick bug fixes over this period, so it wasn’t all rest and relaxation. That and I’ve been trying to figure out where to go next.  I’m torn between starting a new project or improving Wedding Plandroid over the next few months.

I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from mostly happy users. The feedback has been positive, but it has show me that there are a host of features and improvements I can make to Wedding Plandroid. I’d love to start on a new project, but it seems that Wedding Plandroid still has a lot of room for growth. The current build is pretty stable and I haven’t had any mayor re-occuring crashes since the last update.

I think I’ll take the next 2 weeks and jot down short and long term improvements. From there I’ll update the site to keep everyone informed of what is coming in the next couple of months.

Again, I would just like to thank all the users for taking time to contact me and help improve this app. I really do appreciated it. I can’t promise to use all your suggestions, but I can at least take it into consideration 😉

Watch this space.