Wedding Plandroid is a lightweight Android app specifically designed to help brides and grooms plan for their big day. It allows users to manage their wedding budget, track their progress on a timeline of wedding orientated tasks, keep track of their vendors, as well as manage their guest list.

The budget section enables users to budget for over 100 wedding and honeymoon items (from a pre-loaded and organised list, which users can edited to suit their specific needs). Think we missed something, or are you budgeting for something out of the ordinary? Just add it to your budget list.

Is your wedding date set? Great, because Wedding Plandroid will count down to your big day. It will also keep track of your To Do list, which is arranged according to a timeline. It indicates which tasks you need to complete in your countdown to the big day, and keeps track of any overdue tasks. You can easily set a reminder for a specific task, by simply editing the item and adding it to your calendar.

Managing the guest list is a simple as adding a party with a main contact person and keeping track of their status. Have their invitations been sent? Awaiting their response? Have they accepted or declined your invitation? Wedding Plandroid helps you manage these statuses and provides a quick overview of which party has what status.

Finally, the vendors section allows you to enter and manage all relevant vendor information, as well as rate them for quick reference. Wedding Plandroid even lets you go online to search for vendors in your area.

Wedding Plandroid aims to help alleviate all the stress of planning for your wedding day. With a large pre-loaded database, the ability to customise all data and the easy to navigate interface, Wedding Plandroid hopes to provide a central tool to help you all the way to the I-Do’s.

Download Wedding Plandroid


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