Version Update: Search Location and Ads

2 Nov

So in the next 2 weeks I’ll be releasing an update for Wedding Plandroid. I’ve added a new feature that I believe will help people search for relevant vendors much easier in a specific location.

Once the update is released, you can go to the Vendor section, press menu and select the option to Search Location. This will open the screen where you can enter the vendor/business you are looking for as well as the area where you’d like to search in.  This will then open up the Google Maps application and start the search.

I initially planned to use the Google Places API and keep everything located inside the app. While this might still happen in a future release, I found that the Google Maps search function was a lot more robust and provided much better results. I think this is a great little feature to add to the Wedding Plandroid experience.

Unfortunately, you can’t add the located vendor info back into the app. That’s why I’d still like to (at some point) use the Google Places API so that the results can be loaded directly into Wedding Plandroid.

This update will also include ad placements. I understand how annoying these can be for users, so I’m trying to keep it to a minimum. I honestly hope that users will understand and not be put off by these ads. Developers need money too 😉

I’m still playing around with a screen unlocker or just banner ads.  I’ll see which works best.

So that’s about it. The update should be out by next week if all goes well.

PS:  To those of you who have submitted bugs or small requests, I haven’t forgotten about you.

Once this update is live there are several small tweaks I’ll be making to improve the program. I appreciate all the feedback and try to implement it as best I can.

Time is unfortunately not the best friend of a part time developer.


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